Resident Services

City Parks and Community Center

There are four city parks in Berry Hill: Azalea Park, Columbine Park, East Iris Park and Rosedale Park. Each park has a play area for children. Azalea Park also has a large picnic shelter, which may be reserved.

The City also has a community center located adjacent to the City Hall parking lot at 404 East Iris Drive, which may be reserved for private events.

Reserving the Azalea Park Shelter or Community Center

The Azalea Park picnic shelter and the Berry Hill Community Center (located at 404 East Iris Drive near City Hall) may be reserved for noncommercial purposes. There are six large picnic tables at Azalea Park. There is seating for approximately 30 people in the main room of the Community Center. Berry Hill residents and businesses may reserve on a first come/first served basis up to one year in advance. Nonresidents may reserve on a first come/first served basis up to two months in advance. There is no charge for the using the community center or park shelter if you clean up after your event. To reserve, call City Hall at (615) 292-5531.

Trash Collection/Recycling

  • The City, through Red River Waste Solutions, its Solid Waste Contractor, provides trash and recyclable collection to all single family residences and duplexes each Wednesday.
  • The City will provide a 32 gallon blue recycling bin to each residence on the City’s trash collection list. If you do not want a recycling can for your residence, please call us at 292-5531 to let us know. The cans remain the property of the City and should be used only for recycling to be collected in Berry Hill.
  • Paper, plastic and recyclable metal may be mixed together and placed loose inside the recycling bin.  Recyclables should not be bagged inside the bin.
  • Cardboard boxes should be broken down and may be placed beside the recycling bin (you may place them inside if there is room).
  • Glass may no longer be placed in recycle bins.  Due to changes by local recyclers, Berry Hill does not provide glass recycling.  Glass may be disposed of in your trash or taken to a Metro recycling convenience center that accepts glass.
  • Items not allowed in trash cans, due to landfill restrictions, are yard waste (including leaves, grass clippings, potting soil, etc.), cardboard (which is accepted in recycling bins), and electronic waste (computers, monitors, televisions, cell phones, microwaves, etc.).  Residents may dispose of yard waste at the Bordeaux Mulching Facility (1400 County Hospital Road) or the Omohundro Convenience Center (1019 Omohundro Place).  E-waste may be taken to the Omohundro Convenience Center or the East Waste and Recycling Center (934A Doctor Richard G. Adams Drive).
  • Trash should be placed in plastic trash bags, tied shut and deposited in resident-provided lidded metal, plastic or fiberglass trash receptacles with a capacity of 45 gallons or less.  The contractor will collect trash from up to three receptacles of up to 45 gallons, each week.  Any trash not placed in bags deposited in lidded trash receptacles may not be collected.
  • Both trash and recycling receptacles may be left at your back door, if plainly visible and accessible to Red River employees, or at the street for collection.  Receptacles should not be left inside enclosures, behind locked gates, or in areas where pets are present on collection days.  You trash cans and recycling bin should be out for collection no later than 7 am.
  • If you are moving out of Berry Hill, please call City Hall 292-5531 to pick up the recycling bin, unless new residents are moving in immediately, in which case you may leave it for them.  Please do not take the recycling bin with you.  It is the property of the City of Berry Hill.

Bulk Pickup

If you need a bulk trash pick-up, you may call City Hall (615-292-5531) to schedule one, in advance, for the next regular trash collection day.  Pick-ups should be scheduled at least two days in advance.  Items that cannot be taken, due to environmental restrictions, are apint, oil, and other hazardous liquids or solids, tires and batteries, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners (unless Freon-free certificates are provided); and computers and monitors. 

Leaf Collection

The Berry Hill Public Works Department provides fall leaf collection for city residents and businesses. Leaves should be raked to the edge of the street or drainage ditch, but not put in the ditch. Public Works will pick them up with the city’s leaf vacuum.

Chipper Service

Beginning the 24th of each month, Public Works runs chipper routes to collect brush and limbs in the city and continues until all streets in the city have been covered. While extra routes may occasionally be run following storms, chipper service is generally limited to the last week of the month and is not available on request. Brush and limbs may be left at the edge of the street but not mixed with leaves or placed in the drainage ditch. Public Works cannot dispose of whole trees, logs, or limbs with a diameter greater than nine inches or a length shorter than two feet because they will not go through the chipper. No milled lumber may be chipped. Hired tree cutters and trimmers must remove all materials they cut. Leaves and brush should only be left on your own property for pickup. Dumping them on city property, highway department right of way or vacant lots owned by others (including the ends of street cul de sacs) violates litter laws.

Street Sweeping

City streets are swept on or about the 1st of each month by Sweeping Corporation of America.

Senior Services

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