About Us

Berry Hill is the smallest in both size and population of Metro Nashville's six satellite cities (separately incorporated cities located wholly or partly inside Metro Nashville/Davidson County). Berry Hill is less than one square mile in area and had a population of less than 600 residents in 2010.  Since then Berry Hill, like most of Metro Nashville, has enjoyed a development boom, with multifamily, townhome, and mixed-use developments adding approximately 1200 residential units.  Berry Hill has long been home to a thriving music industry community, including about 40 recording studios and music publishers.

While the Melrose area of the city, along Franklin Pike (now 8th Avenue South), was developed in the early 1900s, most of what we now know as Berry Hill was developed during and after World War II on the site of Elmwood, the family farm of the W. W. Berry family, for which the city is named.

Although Berry Hill is bounded by two major thoroughfares, those venturing onto our smaller tree-lined streets like Bransford Avenue or Columbine Place will find 1940’s era cottages housing a variety of eclectic retail shops, restaurants, and personal service businesses. You’ll also find four city parks where visitors can find a quiet patch of grass to picnic or strum a guitar, just minutes from downtown Nashville.

Whether you’re looking for a place to live, locate a business, or just to visit, Berry Hill offers a small town’s atmosphere and personal attention, with all the conveniences of the big city in our back yard.