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Building Permits

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1. What type of work requires a permit?
2. How much does a building permit cost?
3. What building codes does the city use?
4. Do I also need a permit from Metro?

City Court

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1. What if I want to pay my ticket?
2. What if I miss my court date and don't pay my ticket before the court date?
3. If I'm assigned to traffic school by your court, when do you need my receipt/certificate of attendance?
4. Do you take credit cards or checks for payment?
5. When should I arrive for court on my court day?
6. If I got a ticket for my vehicle's lights not working, what can I do?
7. Where's your traffic court located?
8. What if I can't go to traffic court on my assigned day?
9. May I talk to the judge before court about my citation?
10. If I can't pay for my fines and court costs, should I come to court?
11. Can the Court accomodate non-English speakers?

General City Information

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1. What are City Hall hours?
2. Where do I find Commission Meeting Agendas?
3. How can I reserve the Azalea Park shelter or the Community Center?
4. Does the City have an anti-discrimination policy?
5. Are City staff able to communicate with non-English speakers?

Human Resources

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1. What positions are currently available?
2. How are positions posted?
3. How do I apply for a position?
4. Can I apply online?

New Resident Information

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1. Where can I sign up for trash pickup?
2. When is trash collected?
3. Where are the city parks?