What if I want to pay my ticket before my court date?

Payment must reach us prior to your court date unless you will be appearing in court. You do not need to pre-pay if you're going to appear in court. Payments to the City of Berry Hill, 698 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37204 are now accepted by credit card, debit card, check, cash, money order or cashier's check. Fines are listed on the back of your citation. You must pay the fine PLUS the $50.00 court cost & $13.75 bond forfeiture fee per ticket (not per charge) in costs/fees if you pay prior to your court date.  Call us at 615/292-5531 if you have any questions about the amount. If you mail payment, make sure we have your name & correct address to send a receipt, which only will be sent to you if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment. (Do not mail cash, for your protection.) For an illegal parking or illegal parking in a handicapped space, you would NOT pay the $63.75 costs per ticket--just the appropriate fine and a $1 fee for the State. The fine for an adult seatbelt offense is now $30 for the first offense and $50 for the second offense. Those with seatbelt offense citations would not pay a court cost/cash bond forfeiture fee on that offense if the ticket were paid prior to the court date. There would be one court cost/cash bond forfeiture fee ($63.75) for child restraint offenses, for which the fine would be $50.00. STARTING WITH CITATIONS WRITTEN FOR THE DECEMBER 2019 COURT, THE COURT COST WAS INCREASED TO $50, WHILE THE BOND FORFEITURE FEE WOULD STILL BE $13.75; SO FOR FINES PAID BEFORE COURT, THE FINES PLUS $63.75 WOULD BE DUE BEFORE YOUR COURT DATE IF YOU WSH TO SATISFY YOUR CITATION PRIOR TO YOUR COURT DATE INSTEAD OF  APPEARING IN COURT. IF TICKET IS FOR SPEEDING NON-RADAR, THE $25.00 BERRY HILL FINE, AS WELL AS THE $63.75 COSTS WOULD BE DUE.  IF TICKET IS FOR SPEEDING/RADAR, THE FINE WILL BE $2 PER MILE ABOVE SPEED LIMIT  WITH A $50 MAXIMUM FINE FOR THAT CHARGE  PLUS THE $63.75 COSTS AND THE NORMAL FINES FOR ANY OTHER CHARGES ON THE CITATION.

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1. What if I want to pay my ticket before my court date?
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