What if I miss my court date and don't pay my ticket before the court date?

You will then be reported to the TN Dept of Safety & Homeland Security as guilty of that offense, and the appropriate fine and court cost/litigation fee would apply. You will then be scheduled to appear at the next court date if you would like to have an indigency hearing. The Judge must hear the request for a ruling of indigency in Open Court and make his determination then. If you do not appear in court then or comply with the Judge’s ruling, an electronic Court Action Report will be sent to the TN Dept of Safety and Homeland Security to initiate suspension of your driver’s license. When you pay The City of Berry Hill (by cash, check, credit card, debit card, cashier's check or money order) the full amount due to Berry Hill, we will give you paperwork to take to the Dept of Safety to show them you have taken care of your Berry Hill citation. The amount due to Berry Hill must be paid before your license can be reinstated. This is reciprocal in all other states.

Let us know if you will need to schedule a payment plan, which would be allowed for up to three payments over a total period of up to three months. You should notify of this request as soon as possible and comply with the payment plan in order to avoid suspension of your driver's license.

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