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How can I reserve the Azalea Park shelter or the Community Center?
The Azalea Park picnic shelter and the Berry Hill Community Center (located at 404 East Iris Drive near City Hall) may be reserved for noncommercial purposes. There are six large picnic tables at Azalea Park. There is seating for approximately 30 people in the main room of the Community Center. Berry Hill residents and businesses may reserve on a first come/first served basis up to one year in advance (maximum of twice per month). Nonresidents may reserve on a first come/first served basis up to two months in advance (maximum of six uses in a 12-month period). A completed reservation request form must be turned in to City Hall within three days after calling for a reservation. Any holds will be cancelled by the City if the form is not turned in within the required time. The key to the Community Center only may be picked up (and returned) by the person who reserved the Community Center. A refundable $100.00 deposit for Community Center use must be turned in to the City Hall within three days prior to scheduled use. No deposit is required for use of Azalea Park. There is no charge for the using the Community Center or Azalea Park shelter if you clean up after your event and follow all the rules and regulations. Each reservation is limited to a maximum of six hours only. To reserve, call City Hall at (615) 292-5531. Approved reservation forms for Azalea Park use and for Community Center use (plus the key for the Community Center) may be picked up at Berry Hill Police Dispatch (through the door that says "Police" facing Thompson Lane) at 698 Thompson Lane. The City no longer allows the use of bouncy houses or water slides. Azalea Park use forms may be picked up in advance of the use date, while Community Center forms/the key may be picked up only up to 15 minutes in advance of the use time. Any cancellations of use must be reported to City Hall within 48 hours prior to the event. No alcohol may be served at Azalea Park or the Community Center. Forms for application for use and copies of the rules and regulations may be downloaded on our website at "E-services", Document Center, Parks and Recreations, then select the desired form.

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