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Azalea Park Picnic Shelter

Admission Fee

There is no charge for use but use is limited to non-commercial activities.


  1. ADA Accessibility
  2. Parking
  3. Picnic Area
  4. Playground
  5. Restroom
The picnic shelter at Azalea Park may be reserved for non-commercial uses.  It has six large picnic table that can each seat ten to twelve.  From April through October there is a port-a-pot located in Azalea Park and water is available from a spigot and water fountain near the shelter.  Azalea Park also has a large play area with playground equipment.

Berry Hill residents and businesses may reserve the shelter on a first come/first served basis up to one year in advance.  Nonresidents may reserve on a first come/first served basis up to two months in advance.  There is no charge for the using the picnic shelter if you clean up after your event.

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