Business Licenses and Taxes

Business Licenses
Most businesses located in the City of Berry Hill are required to maintain a business license issued by the Berry Hill City Clerk, as well as one issued by the Davidson County Clerk’s office. Business Tax is administered and collected by the Tennessee Department of Revenue on an annual basis. The following information is offered to inform you of Business Tax in general. It is not intended to completely address the lengthy and complex business tax laws and regulations.

Who Is Required To Have A License?
The owner or operator of each for-profit business, except manufacturers and specific business professionals, must obtain a business license from the city and county where each place of business is located, if both the city and county levy the business tax.

How Do I Obtain A Business License?
When applying for a business license, you must provide the following:
  • Business name, business address, business telephone number
  • Owner’s name(s), home address, home telephone number, social security number
  • Name of person(s) or company owning the personal property (equipment, etc.)
  • Copy of owner’s driver’s license
  • Signature of each owner

Download a Business License Application.

How Is My Business Taxed?
When applying for a business license, you will be required to give your dominant business activity and items sold or services rendered that will generate the most sales and/or revenues. Based on your dominant business activity, you will be placed in one of four business tax classifications, each with its own tax year and tax rate. Each classification contains a variety of businesses.

At the end of your assigned tax year, the appropriate business tax report form will be mailed to the Tennessee Department of Revenue. You are required to complete the form, providing the total gross sales and/or revenues for items sold and services rendered, apply the appropriate tax rate(s) and return the form with payment by the assigned due date. If your mailing address changes you must notify us of the new address so you will receive your business tax report form.

Download a Business Tax Report Form.

What If I Move Or Close My Business?
If you close your business or relocate from Berry Hill, you must file a final business return and pay business tax on the sales or revenues through the close of the business or its relocation out of the city. Final business tax returns are due within 15 days of termination, sale or closing of a business.