Building and Development

Building Permits

Before beginning construction of a building, modifying a building, performing demolition, or erecting a sign or fence on property located in Berry Hill, you must apply for a building permit. The Administrative Services Department, (615) 292-5531, issues building permits and schedules building inspections. The City of Berry Hill has adopted the 2018 International Building Code and 2018 Residential Code.

Download a Building Permit Application.

Download the Building Permit Submittal Requirements.

Download a Schedule of Permit Fees.

Download a Sign Permit Application.

A building permit application is not officially accepted unless accompanied by complete plans. Contractors on projects with contract value of $25,000 or more must submit copies of (a) the contract, (b) a valid Tennessee State Contractor’s License appropriate to the value and work to be done, and (c) a certificate of insurance including workers comp. If a project is for tenant improvements or tenant signage, the permit application must be accompanied by written consent of the property owner.

The City of Berry Hill Building Official reviews structural building plans for issuance of Building Permits under the IBC and IRC, and performs structural building inspections. The Metro Nashville Fire Marshal must approve building plans before a Berry Hill building permit may be issued and performs Fire Code and Life Safety inspections. After receiving a Berry Hill building permit, the Applicant must submit Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing plans to the Metro Nashville Codes Department (615-862-6548), which issues those permits and conducts those inspections.

Use And Occupancy Certificates

If you are changing the use of a building, such as from Residential to Office, from Retail to Restaurant, or from Carry-out Restaurant to Full Service Restaurant, you must apply for a Use and Occupancy Certificate for the new use. Issuance of a Use and Occupancy Certificate may require an inspection of the premises and upgrades to the premises, such as increased off-street parking or accessible facilities.

Download an Application for Use and Occupancy Certificate.

Community Development Code (Zoning Ordinance)

The City has adopted a Community Development Code, which incorporates both land use regulations and design guidelines for development of property in Berry Hill, as well as for modification of existing structures in the city. The code addresses issues from erecting a business sign to planning a mixed-use development.

Download the Community Development Code.

Download the Community Development Code (Reduced File Size).

Download the District Map/Poster.

Subdivision Regulations

The Berry Hill Zoning and Planning Commission has adopted Subdivision Regulations applicable to the subdivision of tracts of property into multiple lots, as well as other property issues involving platted property or requiring a plat.