Public Hearing Notices


On Monday, February 6, 2023 at 6:15pm, at Berry Hill City Hall, the Berry Hill Zoning and Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing and consider a proposed amendment to the Berry Hill Community Development Code modifying the parking requirements for restaurants, bars, and retail businesses in Zoning District 6 - Bransford.  The proposed amendment would require a number of  parking spaces equal to fifty percent (50%) of the number of employees working per shift, plus two parking spaces for carryout orders, plus one ADA accessible space, with the first 1,000 square feet (1,000sf) of building space being exempt from any parking requirement.

Section 3.1.1 of the Community Development Code currently requires a minimum of ten (10) spaces per 1,000 square feet (1,000sf) of restaurant space for sit-down and fast-food restaurants; five (5) spaces per 1,000 square feet (1,000sf) of restaurant space (minimum 5 spaces) for take-out restaurants; one (1) space per 75 square feet (75sf) of space for night clubs, taverns, and bars; and four (4) spaces per 1,000 square feet (1,000sf) of retail space.

The Commission will consider any comments from Berry Hill property owners, residents, and businesses at the hearing. Directions for telephonic attendance are listed below.


1. Call the dedicated dial-in number: 1-901-203-0034                                                                                                                                                        2. When prompted, enter the conference code: 225202
3. You do not need an attendee PIN. When prompted, press *
4. You will be connected to the meeting.

An audio recording of the meeting will be available within two days following the meeting. For a copy, please contact Joe Baker at 615-292-5531.