What precautions are you taking regarding the Coronavirus?

Everyone must wear a mask and keep the recommended social distance  away from others while in Berry Hill City. We have masks available if you do not have your own mask. We have an ample supply of hand sanitizer available, as well as restrooms with soap. When signing in for Municipal Court, your temperature will be taken. Then you must complete a "COVID Questionnaire" before you are allowed to enter the courtroom. Only ten defendants (or defendants and attorneys, if applicable) will be allowed in the courtroom at one time. We will get your cell phone number and call you when it’s your turn to come in and be seated, if you’re not in the first group of ten.

NOTE: There have been a few months during the COVID crisis when the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that in-person courts should not be held but should be continued to a later month to prevent the spread of the virus. When that happens, we mail notices of the new court date to each defendant. If you have moved but your former address is on your citation, please call us prior to the court date at the bottom of your citation to make sure of the correct court date and give us your current contact information in case of any further continuance required by the State. (If your address is incorrect on your citation and your mail is not being forwarded to your new address, your notice is returned to us by the post office and we have no way of contacting you.)

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1. What if I want to pay my ticket before my court date?
2. What if I miss my court date and don't pay my ticket before the court date?
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14. What are the fines for traffic offenses (MOVING VIOLATIONS)?
15. What are the fines for traffic offenses (NON-MOVING VIOLATIONS)?
16. What are the Court Costs, Litigation Fee, and Cash Bond Forfeiture Fee?
17. What precautions are you taking regarding the Coronavirus?